LG accessories for use with PTAC units.

Condensate Drain Kit

For internal or external condensate drainage.

Disconnect Switch

Available in 208-230V and 265V. They are available in 15-20A, 20A and 30A options.

Leveling Legs

For balancing and leveling the PTAC when a sub-base is not used.

Polymer Grille

LG offers three attractive color choices of Polymer Grille louvers to attach the sleeve against the outside wall.

Architectural Grille

The colored, long-lasting outside louver attaches to the sleeve against the outside wall.

Wall Sleeve

PTAC unit slides into the sleeve, which is mounted through the wall.

Digital Wall Thermostat

The Digital Wall Thermostat includes large temperature and set-point display on a backlight screen and is available in the wired and wireless options.

Wired Wall Thermostat Connection Kit

The Wired Wall Thermostat Connection Kit comes as a standard item with this PTAC unit.

Sub Base

Used to balance unit and discreetly hide the cord.

Air Deflector

Designed to guide discharge air away from overhead curtains.

Hardwire Kit

For hard-wired connection of the B series PTAC unit to the electrical source.

Remote Escutcheon Kit

Covers the digital display on the PTAC and instructs the occupant to use the wall thermostat for unit operation.

Replacement Filters

Replacement air filters available in 10 pack option.

Lateral Duct Kit

To extend air flow into an adjoining room.