Digital Wall Thermostat

Digital Wall Thermostat includes large temperature and set-point display on a blue backlight screen. Available in the wired and wireless options

Digital Wall Thermostat

Type: Wired

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Wired Model: PYRCUCA0B, Wireless Model: PYRCUCC1HB

• Wired or Wireless PTAC Thermostat

• Affordable Comfort Control

• High and Low Speed Fan

• Heating and Cooling Set-point Limits

• Battery or 24v Power (Wireless)

• Room Temperature Calibration Adjustment

• 5 Year PRO1 IAQ Warranty  - Wired (Visit PRO1 IAQ at www.pro1iaq.com to learn more about their warranty)
• 5 Year Warranty for Wireless

• Large Temperature and Set-point Display

• Large Blue Backlight Screen


Download Type Category Product Name Model No.
Download Installation Manuals Accessories PTAC Thermostat-Installation Manual PYRCUCA0B, PYRCUCC1HB
Download Installation Manuals Accessories PTAC Digital Wired & Wireless Wall Thermostat Operations Manual PYRCUCA0B, PYRCUCC1HB