LG PTAC Technology

About PTACs

LG PTAC units are an economical way to cool and/or heat your rooms.  Whether assessing construction costs, maintenance costs, or operating costs, PTACs allow for the flexibility to control energy expenses room-by-room, rather than building-by-building.  If you need service or maintenance, the units easily slide out of the sleeves and can be replaced simply by sliding in a new unit.  The dual air filters are front-loaded for easy cleaning, and can be interchanged left or right. LG was among the first manufacturers to include a cross-flow fan for quiet operation, and continues to add innovative improvements to maximize your investment and control your energy use.

LG PTAC Videos

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LG PTAC Benefits

LG PTAC units are an economical way to cool and/ or heat your rooms… Easy to install, clean, and maintain for years of satisfied use.

LG PTAC Markets

LG PTAC products provide a solution to a host of applications. Learn more about the opportunities we support and how we do it.

LG PTAC History

LG Electronics USA is a division of LG Group founded in 1947.